Patrick Geddes

Journal of Generalism & Civics - Issue VI, August 2005

On the back of last years conference in Yamaguchi, commemorative events in Scotland, and a recent conference on Utopian Studies in New Lanark, there is a load of articles in investing in binary options this issue. Maybe no bad thing as there has been a long delay since the last issue, due to the editors disorientating launch into fatherhood.

We'll be reproducing this issue and subsequent issues in PDF format shortly, and if we get the time or online binary options resources will make back-issues available also.

We'll be having a regularly updated feature here of sharing research interests and questions and announcing upcoming events, meetings and talks.

Thanks to everyone who has agreed to give us what is binary options rights and allowed us to re-publish articles, images or texts. There's some other great stuff out there that we couldn't get copyrights on but you might like, like this article on Patrick Geddes, Lewis Mumford and Jean Gottman discussing the origins and uses of the term megalopolis.

For future contributions articles essays email us at:
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Announcements and Research Requests:

  • L'Homme et La Terre, the Legacy of Elisee Reclus (1830 - 1905) New Orleans read here.

  • East-West, Bashabi Fraser at the Edinburgh Book Festival read here.

  • Cities in Devolution - Sir Patrick Geddes Commemorative Lecture 2005 is to be given by Raymond Young, chair of Architecture and Design Scotland on the subject of 'Cities in Devolution', on 16 September at 4.45 at St Andrews in the Square in Glasgow, read more here.





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